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Embarking on a journey to inclusivity and diversity can be daunting for Canadian organizations looking to remain competitive. But with CCDI Consulting by your side, you’ll have an experienced guide to help navigate the twists and turns of this critical voyage.

Our tale began in 2015 when we set out to support employers facing inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) challenges in the workplace. Over the years, we’ve honed our expertise and developed a unique methodology that combines advisory services, training, assessments, and proven industry tactics to create sustainable and measurable results.

With CCDI Consulting, you’ll be joined by a team of seasoned professionals with practical workplace diversity and inclusion experience across various industries and sectors. They’ll help you chart a course through the IDEA landscape using data-powered inquiry and an integrated organizational management approach to tackle challenges head-on.

 We’re not just a consulting firm but your travel companions in creating inclusive and diverse workplaces. Our mission is to empower every client to unlock their fullest potential. We support you in identifying gaps in your DEI strategy and working with you to transform your organization’s operations. We’re here to simplify the voyage from the “why” to the “how” so that you can create sustainable and measurable changes in your workplace culture.

At CCDI Consulting, we believe that IDEA is not an obstacle but an asset. Our vision is to be the center of expertise for inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) solutions. We aspire to leverage our significant practical knowledge and provide solutions that revolutionize organizations of all sizes and sectors, just like a well-trodden pathway through challenging terrain.

Our journey has been marked by success, with multiple Canadian HR Reporter Readers’ Choice Awards for Diversity/Employment Equity Consultants, recognition as a 2022 5-Star Learning & Development Training Provider by Canadian HR Reporter, and being named a Canadian HR Reporter 2022 Best Places to Work winner. We’ve paved the way for many organizations and are here to guide you on your journey toward inclusivity and diversity.

So, pack your bags and join us on this exciting journey toward creating inclusive and diverse workplaces. With CCDI Consulting as your trusted guide, you can confidently reach your destination with sustainable and measurable results.

CCDI Consulting is a seven-time (2016 - 2022) Canadian HR Reporter Readers' Choice Award Winner for Diversity/Employment Equity Consultants.

CCDI Consulting has been recognized as a 2022 5-Star Learning & Development Training Provider by Canadian HR Reporter.

CCDI Consulting has been named a Canadian HR Reporter 2022 Best Places to Work winner.


Employer Partner CCDI Consulting Inc. is a proud Employer Partner of the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion. ccdi logo

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