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Meet Our Team

Akira De Carlos

Pronouns: they, them, their

IDEA Learning Specialist, Learning

Akira De Carlos is a Queer Afro-Indigenous Community Organizer, Climate Activist and Learning facilitator from Luanda, Angola, currently located in Tiohtiá:ke - Mooniyang. Their facilitation experience originates in providing accessible education to racialized minorities on the intersecting topics of climate justice through a Post-Colonial Black Feminist Lens. Within their work for several NGO’s and academic institutions, such as, McGill, Concordia and the University of Toronto, they’ve collaborated on many projects focusing on implementing an anti-racist and anti-oppressive lens to organizational objectives and practices. They are an experienced panel moderator on youth mobilizing, sustainability, and anti-racist pedagogy, who has and continues to mobilize for affordable housing and food insecurity. Akira draws from their experience as a third-culture individual to emphasize the importance of intersectionality and cultural intelligence, allowing for more nuance in their workshops. Currently completing a Masters in Women & Gender Studies, their thesis focuses on medical racism, and it’s impacts on Black and Brown bodies. Akira views food and movement as medicine and can be found going to Angolan traditional dance classes or cooking dishes rooted in their indigenous cultures.