We invite you to get to know the dynamic people who can support you with your workplace inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility journey.

Headshot of Akira De Carlos
Akira De Carlos
IDEA Learning Specialist, Learning
Headshot of Angele Lalonde
Angele Lalonde
Director, Human Resources
Headshot of Apurva Abhang, MBA
Apurva Abhang, MBA
Specialist, Marketing
Headshot of Anna Stankevich
Anna Stankevich
Project Coordinator
Headshot of Basma Sheikh
Basma Sheikh
IDEA Learning Specialist, Learning
Headshot of Dania Khan
Dania Khan
Project Coordinator, Consulting
Headshot of Delia Jumai Nzekwu (PhD)
Delia Jumai Nzekwu (PhD)
IDEA Consultant, Consulting
Headshot of Dustin Matheson
Dustin Matheson
Account Associate
Headshot of Emily Ogle
Emily Ogle
Manager, Consulting
Headshot of Jason Landerkin, CPA, CA
Jason Landerkin, CPA, CA
Chief Financial Officer
Headshot of Katryna Chan
Katryna Chan
IDEA Coordinator, Consulting
Headshot of Kevin Grater
Kevin Grater
IT Support Specialist
Headshot of Lauren Westecott, BAH, BEd
Lauren Westecott, BAH, BEd
Senior Manager, IDEA Learning
Headshot of Lisa Heron
Lisa Heron
Senior Director Client Delivery
Headshot of Lisa Rogers
Lisa Rogers
Director, Sales
Headshot of MacKenzie Pudwell
MacKenzie Pudwell
Learning Programs Specialist, Learning
Headshot of Mandy Albert
Mandy Albert
Regional Account Director, Sales
Headshot of Matt Stewart (he/him)
Matt Stewart (he/him)
IDEA Learning Specialist, Learning
Headshot of Natalia Tarczydlo
Natalia Tarczydlo
Coordinator, Marketing
Headshot of Nicole Guday
Nicole Guday
Director, Learning
Headshot of Nyla Camille Guerrera
Nyla Camille Guerrera
Senior Account Executive, Sales
Headshot of Oscar Andrade, MA
Oscar Andrade, MA
Learning Project Manager, Learning
Headshot of Sheena Prasad
Sheena Prasad
Lead IDEA Consultant, Consulting
Headshot of Stephanie Fieve
Stephanie Fieve
Senior Coordinator, Accounting and Finance
Headshot of Tiffany Cool
Tiffany Cool
IDEA Learning Coordinator, Learning
Headshot of Zakeana Reid, CPHR
Zakeana Reid, CPHR
Interim CEO & Chief Operating Officer
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