Our approach to advisory services is based on an integrated change management methodology. Our diversity and inclusion professionals bring practical knowledge from years of hands-on experience.

We provide:

  • Legislative compliance support
  • Cross-functional team support
  • Alternative planning and strategy
  • Analysis of policies and employment systems
  • Change management and project management skills

Employment Equity – Beyond Compliance

At CCDI Consulting, we engage with our clients as a strategic partner to provide advice, tools and expertise that enable them to comply with all their obligations under the federal contractors program and the Legislated Employment Equity Program.

Employment Systems Review

All employers rely on policy, process, and practices to operate. However, how these employment systems are implemented can unintentionally create barriers to equity, inclusion, and diversity in your organization. We assist employers in conducting employment systems reviews that cover formal and informal policies, practices, attitudes and behaviours.

Indigenous Inclusion

CCDI Consulting has entered into a formal partnership agreement with Indigenous Works to provide clients with an exceptional array of services to help them move toward the inclusion of Indigenous peoples and understand their role in reconciliation.  

External Stakeholder Review

Your organization extends beyond your employees. It is a part of the community it serves and the community in which it operates. Your inclusion and diversity strategy and commitment must take into account public reaction.

CCDI Consulting can analyze various aspects of how your organization interacts with public stakeholders.

Retainer Services

Implementing an inclusion and diversity strategy is not a checklist project. Nor is it a “one and done” scheme. It is a lengthy journey. As with all significant journeys, there will be setbacks, a need to ask for direction, and unexpected obstacles. CCDI Consulting Retainer Services are there for these times.

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