All employers rely on policy, process, and practices to operate.  However, these employment systems and the manner in which they are implemented can unintentionally create barriers to inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility within your organization. We assist employers in conducting employment systems reviews that cover both formal and informal policies, practices, attitudes and behaviours.

Policy and Practice Review

Employment systems operate on both the formal (what is written down) and informal (how things really happen) levels.  These systems impact all stages of an employee's interaction with their employer.  From recruiting, hiring and onboarding, performance management and retention, the informal and formal practices are a day-to-day part of an employee's experience. 

CCDI Consulting undertakes a comprehensive review of your employment systems, documents, practices, and policies to identify obstacles and help you implement a strategy that will meet your organization's inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility goals. 

Inclusion and Diversity Initiative Audit

Today, most employers have initiated some form of diversity and inclusion plan.  Some have garnered success just as many more have floundered.  CCDI Consulting audits and analyzes your previous D&I efforts to understand what has worked, what has not worked, and what gaps may exist, in order to move your organization towards its goals and objectives. 

Communications Planning

CCDI Consulting subject-matter experts coach their clients on how to manage internal communications through a diversity and inclusion lens. This is done to broaden employee engagement in D&I efforts and to facilitate a more open dialogue between leaders and employees. 

Contact us to discuss how an employment systems review enhances your inclusion, diversity, or equity strategy.

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