Today's organizations do not operate in a vacuum.

Your organization extends beyond your employees. It is a part of the community it serves and the community in which it operates. 

Your inclusion and diversity strategy and commitment must take into account public reaction.

CCDI Consulting can analyze various aspects of how your organization interacts with public stakeholders. This analysis includes:

Media Scan

Media encompasses much more than the traditional print and broadcasters. Today, there are more media outlets than ever before, and these can be very influential concerning how individuals think about ideas, leaders, and organizations. In our diversity and inclusion-based Media Scan, CCDI Consulting will explore the representations of your organization in the public and how it is perceived. We will provide a representative sample of how different media outlets portray your organization and how that can impact your inclusion and diversity strategy.

Public Consultations

Whether virtual or in-person, CCDI Consulting can assist in hosting and facilitating public consultation sessions. The aim is to capture a specific community's public opinion and sentiments towards the organization. Understanding an organization's reputation within the community can better develop its inclusion and diversity mandates and communications efforts.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you in understanding your stakeholder analysis regarding your inclusion, diversity, or equity reputation.

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