CCDI Consulting offers 3 Instructor-led Open Enrollment Certificate Programs

  • Level 1: Foundations in IDEA Certificate
  • Level 2: Anti-racism Education Certificate
  • Level 2: D&I Influencer Certificate

Level 1: Foundations in IDEA Certificate

A general audience program is geared toward individuals with little or no background on these topics. It consists of three courses:


  • Diversity and Inclusion Fundamentals
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Respect in the Workplace

The courses for this certificate will be offered quarterly.

Certificate Price

Certificate $449 + applicable taxes 

Learn more about the Foundations in IDEA Certificate Program.

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Level 2: Anti-racism Education Certificate

This learning program is intended for leaders, practitioners, consultants and the general public. It is essential to help learners build the professional competencies needed to navigate the subject of race and race relations in the workplace. Courses in this program address a broad set of topics, from the institutional origins of racism to how individuals can contribute to dismantling workplace racism through allyship.


  • Introduction to Cultural Competence
  • History of Racism and Colonization in Canada
  • Race and Racism in the Canadian Workplace
  • The Intersections of Race and Other Identities
  • How To Be an Ally to Racialized People 

The courses for this certificate are offered 1-2 times a year. 

Certificate Price

Certificate $699 + applicable taxes

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Level 2: D&I Influencer Certificate

This program is intended for individuals and practitioners with some information and experience in equity, diversity, HR or inclusion. It arms participants with some of the best practices they can use to tackle pressing issues related to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This certificate program consists of five new courses. Completing the Foundations in IDEA Certificate Program is a pre-requisite for the D&I Influencer Certificate Program. 


  • Gender in the Workplace
  • LGBTQ2+ Inclusion
  • Indigenous Inclusion
  • Including Persons with Disabilities
  • Race and Ethnicity in Canada

Certificate Price

Certificate $699 + applicable taxes

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