The D&I Influencer Certificate Program consists of 5 courses, and you are required to have completed the three pre-requisite courses contained in the Foundations in IDEA Certificate Program (Inclusion Diversity, Equity and Accessibility). 

  • Gender in the Workplace
  • LGBTQ2+ Inclusion
  • Indigenous Inclusion
  • Including Persons with Disabilities
  • Race and Ethnicity in Canada

Go beyond the Foundations in IDEA Certificate Program (Inclusion Diversity, Equity and Accessibility) by building your knowledge and capacity on the key dimensions of diversity and inclusion.

Learn best practices and how solutions can be designed to tackle and dismantle the discrimination and inequities experienced by different employee groups within the workplace.

Carefully curated, these courses specifically address the different dimensions of diversity. Combining your fundamental understanding of diversity and inclusion, this program will help you learn how to engage employees individually, as a group or at an intersection.  

Experience a best-in-class instructor-led learning environment with no more than 50 participants who share a common goal to learn D&I strategies and create sustainable actions in their respective workplaces.

The D&I Influencer Certificate Program is priced at $699.00 plus tax.

Courses are also available at $199.00 plus tax per course.

You save $296.00 by registering for the D&I Influencer Certificate Program.


This is a general audience certificate, but you must complete the Foundations in IDEA Certificate Program (Inclusion Diversity, Equity and Accessibility) to be eligible.

If you have not completed either the Foundations certificate or the D&I Influencer certificate, you may still sign up for this program; however, you will not receive your certificate of completion until you finish the  Foundations in IDEA Certificate Program (Inclusion Diversity, Equity and Accessibility).

The courses for this certificate program will be offered once or twice per year.

All courses are 2 hours in length. The next session is scheduled for early 2023.

Date Time (Eastern) Course Name
To Be Confirmed    

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