Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Open Enrollment Certificate Programs

1. Who is eligible to take CCDI Consulting Open Enrollment Instructor-led training?

CCDI Consulting instructor-led training is available to anyone seeking personal and professional development for inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) in the workplace via our Open Enrollment Certificate Programs. The Open Enrollment Certificate Programs are geared toward individuals and small groups. Instructor-led training for a department or organization can be arranged by contacting our Account Executives.

2. What Instructor-led Open Enrollment Certificate Programs are available?

CCDI Consulting currently offers three Open Enrollment Certificate Programs.

  • Foundations in IDEA Certificate
  • Anti-racism Education Certificate
  • IDEA Influencer Certificate

In addition to the courses outlined for each certificate, there will be pre-course and post-course work to complete.

3. I am not interested in an Open Enrollment Certificate Program, but there are a few courses I would like to take. Can I select any course/any combination of courses?

Our courses are designed to suit your needs and situation. You can pick and choose any course you like. While there are no pre-requisite courses, we recommend you complete the IDEA Fundamentals and Introduction to Unconscious Bias courses before enrolling in any other classes.

4. How long are the classes?

Classes are 2 hours in length unless otherwise noted. There may be some pre-work which can commonly be completed within 15 to 30 minutes.

5. In what languages are the courses available?

Courses are available in English only.

6. I don't see a course that suit my particular needs. What should I do?

At CCDI Consulting, we understand that every organization is unique and faces different learning and training challenges. To discuss how to meet your learning and development needs best, please contact an Account Executive

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