Who is eligible?

Anyone and everyone. This excellent tool is available to any individual looking to develop cultural competence for career or personal development reasons. Please download our IDI brochure if you are inquiring about getting a team or organization assessed. 

What is the IDI® questionnaire?

The IDI® is a 50-item questionnaire that can be completed in approximately 15–30 minutes. The IDI® tool generates profiles of an individual’s capability for shifting cultural perspective and adapting behaviour toward cultural differences and commonalities—it is a measure of intercultural competence.

Tell me about the Individual Profile Reports and Development Plans.

You receive an Individual Profile Report, which provides the IDI’s assessment of your particular level of cultural competence. You also receive a customized Intercultural Development Plan® (“IDP”). Your IDP provides a detailed blueprint for further developing your cultural competence based on your results.

Why is the IDI® so popular?

  • The IDI® has been subjected to rigorous statistical testing. It is arguably the most thorough and reliable analysis of its kind and has been recommended by most subject matter experts.
  • The IDI® allows you to see your progression along the cultural competence continuum.
  • The IDI® facilitates cooperative conversations and actions directed toward growth and development rather than judgment and resistance.
  • The IDI® results are actionable. You benefit from a customized Intercultural Development Plan (IDP) that guides you through activities and self-reflections that develop your cultural competence.

How long does development take?

Along with the required questionnaire, we will help you to create a six-month development plan, but your development is self-paced.

How much time is needed to complete the IDI®?

Completing the assessment questionnaire takes approximately 15 minutes. Your debriefing and coaching session will be 1hr 15mins.

What is the cost?

The Open Enrollment IDI® costs $599 plus applicable taxes. 

Are there any pre-work requirements?

After your complete the assessment, you will be sent your IDI® profile report, individual Intercultural Development Plan and a blank six-month development plan template two days before the debrief. Reviewing these documents before your debrief and coaching session is recommended.

How do I register and begin the IDI® development journey?

Individuals can register now to begin their cultural competence learning journey. Please note that receiving your individualized login details could take three to five business days. After you’ve completed registration, you will receive an email from us to confirm that your registration is complete.

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