What is an ILT?

As the name implies, instructor-led training (ILT) is any form of instruction that is facilitated by a trainer, either in-person or in an online setting. While the concept is simple to understand, developing effective instructor-led training for adult learners is a complex challenge.

What is Universal Instructional Design (UID)?

Our courses adhere to the principles of Universal Instructional Design (UID). UID is a process that considers the potential needs of learners when designing and delivering instruction, to remove barriers and ensure the quality of the learning experience is consistent for all learners, regardless of their level of ability.

Benefits of ILTs:

ILTs have many benefits for attendees, including:

checked icon An interactive and immersive learning environment.

checked icon Higher knowledge acquisition and retention.

checked icon Increases employee engagement.

checked icon Consistent learning throughout the organization.

Why Choose our ILTs?

Employers who offer Instructor-led training gain many benefits, including:

checked icon Access to subject matter experts outside the organization.

checked icon Increased employee engagement.

checked icon Cost-effective method of delivering interactive and focused training.

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