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Is your organization ready for the next step in your DEI Journey?

Build an inclusive workplace culture with CCDI Consulting and Learning Snippets.

Snack-sized DEI training your team can put into action.

bold dot green icon Learning Snippets is a mobile-first diversity, equity, and inclusion microlearning platform for training that fits the pockets in your schedule.

bold dot green icon Each Snippet models real workplace situations to improve your staff's inclusive behavior. Empower all participants to become change agents with Learning Snippets.

bold dot green icon Drive lasting change in the workplace with DEI principles validated by subject-matter experts.


What makes Learning Snippets different?

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Build new habits with spaced microlearning, a long-lasting training strategy that recruits consequential reasoning for a more meaningful, lasting learning experience.

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Built on the most recent science about the knowledge, skills and motivation that make it possible to support inclusive behaviours.

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Avoid the dread employees feel about traditional training. Each approachable lesson can be completed in about two minutes.


Learning Snippets lead to measurable change

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Flexible Platform

Learners can use any device to complete Snippets on their own schedule, anywhere.

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Measurable Change

Monitor team engagement and quantify progress with the DEI diagnostic tool and in-depth reporting.

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Affordable at Scale

Drive real cultural change to increase your competitive edge, whether you have a staff of ten or ten thousand.

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Equipped for Success

Feel confident championing DEI with a toolkit featuring DEI resources and direct support from our experts.



Available in English and French.

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Inclusivity 101

Get started on your diversity, equity & inclusion journey by learning core concepts and practicing key behaviours.

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Anti-Black Racism

Dive into the actions and system-level changes that help you and your organization combat anti-Black racism.

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Inclusive Leadership

Designed for leaders to develop great teams, manage conflict, and promote equity and inclusion at all levels of their organization.


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Gender Identity

Go beyond the labels and acronyms to build an environment in which all staff can feel confident being their true selves.

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Offsetting Racial Bias

Identify and confront the racial bias and discrimination in workplaces, the acute and compounding effects of this discrimination, and how to make things better.

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Programs are coming soon!

tag green icon Making Space for Mental Health

tag green icon Disability Inclusion

tag green icon 2SLGTBQ+ Sexual Expression


Key Benefits

  • Get real behavioural change - 100% of Learning Snippets users report having a better understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion issues and 75% say they'll now take action.
  • Lessons take 2 minutes to complete and can be completed at any time and can be done on any device, anywhere employees can get online.
  • No installs or special software required – people receive lesson emails and complete lessons online.
  • Scenario-based lessons require reasoning and critical thinking, not just clicking and guesswork.
  • Spaced learning inserts pauses between scenarios, preventing people from rushing through the content, and providing time for them to reflect on and apply what they've learned.
  • Behavioral nudges provide quick reminders that can be easily integrated into employees' work.
  • Relevant, meaningful reports that help people see their progress, and help administrators identify areas for further improvement.


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