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Meet Our Team

Jesmine Singh

Pronouns: she, her, hers 

IDEA Learning Specialist, Learning 


Jesmine joined CCDI Consulting in 2024 with over 11 years of extensive work experience in facilitation and program management, with expertise in intercultural communication and inclusive development. She was previously working in the immigration space with a federally funded program, ‘Planning for Canada’ where she empowered new immigrants through guidance on settlement and employment in Canada and strategies to mitigate the challenges faced by newcomers in a diverse context.

Jesmine’s passion for DEI emerged during her early academic years as she grew up in a multicultural environment, which encouraged her to pursue her higher studies in French and francophone literatures. She graduated from The University of Delhi (India) with an M.Phil. in French, followed by an M.A. in French from the University of New Mexico (USA). Passionate about advancing women’s studies in India, she delved into examining women’s issues, striving to effect positive change in social perceptions and structures. This also encouraged her to volunteer and lead workshops across various platforms as a Menstrual Equity Advocate to empower women from underserved communities around the globe, fostering awareness, destigmatization and access to resources.

Engaged in educational and linguistic endeavours worldwide, from the halls of academia in the USA to promote cross-cultural understanding in India and France, Jesmine has led enriching intercultural programs for diverse learners. She is also passionate about understanding the neuroscience of compassion, and she holds certificates in women's studies (gender and sexuality studies) and translation studies. Outside of work, she enjoys learning about new cultures, exploring protean arts, reading, meditation, travelling and forest bathing.