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Intercultural Development Inventory®

Cultural Competence Assessment

The Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI)

The IDI® measures an individual or group’s level of intercultural sensitivity along the Intercultural Development Continuum®. This is based on the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity, a renowned and widely respected developmental model created by Dr. Milton Bennett.  

The Intercultural Development Continuum® theorizes that individuals progress through specific phases of development in their understanding of the complexity of cultural similarities and differences. Each position along the continuum represents an increasingly complex understanding of cultural differences, allowing increasingly sophisticated and engaging experiences with people of other cultures. 

What is Cultural Competence? 

Cultural competence refers to the ability to understand, appreciate, and effectively interact with people from different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. It involves developing knowledge and skills that allow individuals and organizations to effectively navigate cultural differences and communicate with people from diverse backgrounds. 

Cultural competence involves being aware of one's own cultural biases and assumptions, and understanding how they may influence interactions with others. It also requires a willingness to learn about and respect different cultural norms and practices, and to adapt one's behaviour and communication style accordingly. 

Cultural competence is increasingly recognized as a key skill in a globalized and diverse world, particularly in professions such as healthcare, education, social work, and business where interactions with people from different cultures are common. It is important for promoting equity and inclusion, reducing discrimination and bias, and improving outcomes for individuals and communities. 

Why Use the IDI?

  • The IDI has been subjected to rigorous statistical testing. It is arguably the most thorough and reliable analysis of its kind and has been lauded by most subject experts. 
  • The IDI allows you to see an individual’s or group’s progression along a continuum of cross-cultural competence. It measures both mindset and skillset. 
  • The IDI facilitates cooperative conversations and actions toward growth and development rather than judgment and resistance. 
  • The IDI results are actionable. For each individual who completes the assessment, the IDI creates a customized Intercultural Development Plan (IDP) that guides the person through activities and self-reflections that develop intercultural competence. 
  • Conducting an IDI assessment is often the first step on the intercultural competence development journey. The tool is extremely useful in determining further developmental activities targeted to the specific needs and developmental level of each individual who completes the assessment. 
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The Value of IDI for Leaders

Leaders who understand cultural competence are better equipped to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, communicate effectively, attract top talent, drive innovation, and succeed in a globalized world.

  1. Diversity and Inclusion: Leaders who understand cultural competence can foster a more diverse and inclusive workplace, where employees feel valued and supported regardless of their background. 
  2. Communication: Leaders who understand cultural competence can communicate more effectively with employees, clients, and stakeholders from diverse cultural backgrounds, leading to better relationships and outcomes. 
  3. Talent Acquisition: Leaders who prioritize cultural competence can attract a more diverse pool of job candidates, increasing the talent and perspectives available to the organization. 
  4. Innovation: Leaders who understand cultural competence can leverage diverse perspectives to drive innovation and creativity in the organization. 
  5. Globalization: In an increasingly globalized business environment, cultural competence is essential for leaders to navigate and succeed in diverse markets and communities. 

Summary of Our Approach

It is a simple and effective method to have your teams assessed and on their development journey. 
Each group or cohort can accommodate up to 25 people. The cohort size is limited to support an interactive and collaborative learning experience. 

Complete IDI Questionnaire Each participant completes the 50-item questionnaire. This questionnaire is available in 17 languages. 
Cultural Competence Training & Group Debrief Group participants will attend a 1-hour debrief of the aggregated results, followed by a 2-hour instructor-led training workshops on the Introduction to Cultural Competence.
Individual Debrief

Each participant receives their profile report showing their IDI scores and a 6-month development plan tailored to their development level.
A 75-minute debrief/coaching session will then be scheduled between the participant and a qualified IDI Assessor.

IDI Coaching Add-On

Each participant will receive 1-hr monthly cultural competence coaching with an IDI Qualified Administrator. Receive guidance on your Intercultural Development Plan, additional resources, and the opportunity to discuss your insights and learning with your coach to deepen your intercultural understanding. Optional*

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