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Online Self-paced, Convenient, Interactive, and Accessible Diversity Training

About eLearning

Our eLearning programs are a series of concise, interactive learning modules designed to provide organizations and individual learners with easy access to online inclusion training. These captivating lessons, each lasting between 30 - 45 minutes, are suitable for learners of various levels and can be accessed at any time and from any location.

These courses are ideal for small and large groups, such as teams or departments, aiming to enhance their knowledge.

Providing a budget-friendly and expandable approach to education, our diversity-focused e-learning modules are specifically crafted for: 

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Skill Enhancement

These modules are crafted to enable all learners to quickly acquire knowledge and implementing skills in crucial areas of inclusion in a practical way.

Universal Access

Crafted with an inclusive approach, all courses conform to level AA (WCAG2) accessibility guidelines, ensuring an enriching learning experience.

Interactive Learning

All modules facilitate an immersive learning experience by incorporating interactive elements like quizzes, animations, and graphics.

Personal Growth

All courses encourage self-guided learning &  reflection, providing resources for sustained behavioural change.

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Learm more about our comprehensive courses, designed to empower learners with valuable insights and practical strategies. 

Your IDEA Starting Point

Foundations to IDEA ∙ Bundle Curriculum

Explore the basics of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) and uncover strategies to confront unconscious bias, driving change through the self-paced learning curriculum. Includes:

  1. IDEA Fundamentals | Les principes fondamentaux de IDEA
  2. Introduction to Unconscious Bias | Introduction aux préjugés involontaires 

This comprehensive learning bundle delves into the essentials of IDEA while addressing the crucial topic of unconscious bias. This bundle equips learners with valuable insights and practical strategies to foster a more inclusive and equitable environment, driving positive change in both personal and professional settings.

Available in English and French.

IDEA Fundamentals

Establish the foundational concepts of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility.

Available in English and French
Introduction to Unconscious Bias

Uncover and tackle unconscious bias to understand its impact on personal experiences and work dynamics. 

Available in English and French
Navigating Subtle Workplace Behaviors

Managing Microaggressions

Uncover the effects of microaggressions, learn strategies to address them, and promote a diverse and respectful work atmosphere.

This course explores the impact that microaggressions have on workplaces.  You will go through a detailed explanation of microaggressions and how they can surface. You will also learn through stories how they can have an impact on individuals. While microaggressions are often unintentional, by acquiring strategies to address and manage microaggressions, you can play a role in creating a more inclusive workplace.

Available in English.

Valuing Diversity Through Respectful Practices

Respect in the Workplace

Foster an inclusive work environment by learning to define, identify, and respond to various forms of disrespect, promoting respect and human dignity.

Respect is one of the foundations of creating an inclusive workplace. This course explores what it means to create respectful work environments. You will learn how to define respect as it relates to human dignity. You will also develop skills to identify disrespect and strategies to respond to various forms of disrespect depending on your role as a recipient, observer, or initiator.

Available in English.

Lead the Way in Inclusive Recruitment Practices **NEW**

Managing Bias in Hiring

Gain insights into recognizing and addressing bias in the hiring process, fostering diversity, and creating a fairer future for your workplace.

This course explores the impact that bias has within the hiring process.  You will go through a detailed explanation of what bias can look like in the hiring process and what we are striving for when hiringYou will also learn through stories how bias in hiring can have an impact on individuals. Sequentially, we will explore five key steps in the hiring process, focusing on the importance of mitigating bias in each step and key strategies that you can try in your own workplace.  

Available in English.

Bridging Gaps, Building Harmony **NEW**

Cultural Competence

Delve into the depths of cultural competence, bridge the gaps in understanding, and create a harmonious and inclusive work environment for all.

This course explores the concept of cultural competence and the importance of developing cultural competence in the modern workplace.  You will go through a detailed explanation of the many levels & dimensions of culture and what it means for an individual and an organization to be interculturally competent. You will learn through stories how cultural misunderstandings can happen in the workplace. While no one can ever be an expert in all cultural frameworks, we can each have accountability in increasing our understanding of ourselves and others in order to work better together. 

Available in English.

Seamless LMS Integration | ​Choose Your LMS or Ours

Choose to host our modules on your organization's LMS or opt for our user-friendly Learning Nexus LMS. Our platform ensures easy navigation, seamless learning experiences, and robust data security, all supported by our dedicated IT team.
Use Your LMS

If your organization has its own Learning Management System (LMS), we will work with your team to provide the necessary proxy-SCORM files. This method allows learners to access the most recent versions of the courses, even when the modules are updated.

Utilizing your LMS gives you greater control of administration, reporting, and security management. 

Easily integrate eLearning modules in employee onboarding, compliance, and other training initiatives. 


Our robust Learning Management System (LMS) supports online cloud-based learning and is designed to inspire learners.

It combines impressive learning features that are well-organized and easy to navigate. It offers a seamless, simple, and user-friendly experience.

Our LMS provides a learner dashboard. We also provide administrators with scheduled reporting to automate their way to maximum efficiency. 

Our LMS platform is also accessible. Its responsive design allows learners to access and easily navigate the platform from laptops, desktops, or mobile devices. 

Data is stored and hosted on Canadian servers providing a secure, private, and confidential environment.

Our dedicated IT team is available to support LMS technical requests promptly.

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Our eLearning modules are designed to deepen your understanding of inclusion and diversity and empower you to create a more inclusive environment.

Start your journey with us today, and be the change you wish to see in your workplace and community. 

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