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Ad-Hoc Services

Empowering Your Journey with Flexible Advisory Support

Ad-Hoc Services for Inclusion & Diversity

We understand that your organization's journey towards inclusion and diversity is unique, and that's why we offer flexible and ad-hoc advisory services. Our experts are ready to provide targeted support when you need it most, whether it's reviewing communication strategies, advising on council recruitment, or fine-tuning overall inclusion and diversity best practices. With a commitment to understanding your specific needs, we offer personalized guidance to enhance your initiatives. Whether you're navigating complex challenges or seeking to optimize your existing practices, our ad-hoc services ensure that you have access to timely and relevant advice. 


Our standard advisory engagements commence with a kickoff meeting, allowing us to delve into your immediate needs, establish timelines, clarify expectations, and outline deliverables. Depending on the scope of work, we may schedule periodic touch-base meetings to ensure alignment and progress.

Advisory Services may include:

  • Virtual Content Review: Comprehensive review of digital platforms such as websites, social media channels, recruitment platforms, HRIS systems, and employee intranets.

  • Policy Framework Development Support: Assisting in the formulation of policy frameworks tailored to your organization's ethos. (Please note: CCDI Consulting does not draft policies on behalf of clients but offers guidance in developing reflective frameworks.)

  • Employee Engagement Question Review: Feedback and recommendations on your organization's employee engagement surveys.

  • D&I Council/Committees and ERG Advising: Support in crafting recruitment questions, implementing best practices, and reviewing communication strategies.

  • Integrating Multicultural Calendar: Strategies for seamlessly incorporating multicultural calendars into your business operations.

  • Inclusion & Accommodation Best Practices: Guidance on addressing cultural and religious needs to foster an inclusive environment.

  • And more!

Elevate your inclusion and diversity efforts with the expertise of our team. Our tailored ad-hoc services are designed to empower your organization in cultivating an environment where everyone can thrive. Embrace flexibility, innovation, and progress with our advisory support as we collaborate to build a workplace culture that celebrates the diverse strengths and perspectives within your organization.

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