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Meet Our Team

Zakeana Reid, CPHR

Pronouns: She, her, hers

Interim CEO & Chief Operating Officer

Reid, Zakeana

Zakeana Reid was first introduced to the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion through her work in a previous company, as one of the Founding Employer Partners in 2013 and its first Individual Practitioner. She was a speaker at the first conference delivered by the charity.

As the organization grew and spun off the for-profit consulting arm CCDI Consulting Inc., Zakeana had the opportunity to project manage a significant contract from the Alberta Government as a subcontractor to the organization. Finally, in 2016 Zakeana accepted a permanent role with CCDI Consulting, where she was responsible for opening the Calgary office and has been instrumental in developing deeper relationships with consulting clients throughout western Canada. Zakeana was appointed COO in January 2019. 

Zakeana has an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from Queens University and holds the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation. Zakeana brings over twenty years of work experience in equity and diversity. Zakeana regularly contributes to CCDI Consulting blog posts and articles in HR Professional magazine and has participated as a speaker at DisruptHR YYC. 

With her background in Human Resources, Learning, and Employment Equity, Zakeana has been able to address various barriers to employment and advancement for multiple organizations, creating integrated and sustainable solutions to promote diversity and increase inclusion. 

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