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As you know it is Black History Month. I have a fascination with history and the trend in understanding history currently is storytelling. We live in a time where history of the average person has been documented and can be unearthed more readily. Heritage Canada has curated a list of biographies of some notable Black Canadians. I encourage you to discover some interesting stories.

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Ian More
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Corporate DEI Training: Failure and Opportunity

Traditional diversity and anti-bias training have been largely ineffective in bringing about meaningful change in organizations. Research has shown that most IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility) training fails to promote diversity and may even lead to a decline in management diversity. Companies that engage in short-term diversity education often do so for the sake of optics, which may look good on paper but do not lead to real opportunities for marginalized members of the workforce.

Effective diversity and inclusion training should be a long-term commitment by managers at all levels. Senior management validation and buy-in encourage employees to take the training seriously and create real opportunities for change. The training should align with the organization's values and mission, and the goal should be to create sustained changes in behaviour, not just attitudes and perspectives.

Successful IDEA training can produce numerous benefits, including increased morale, effective teams, and a more cohesive organizational culture. It can also increase financial performance by improving innovation revenue and cash flow per employee. Effective training produces happier, more engaged employees who stay longer at companies and contribute more to the organization's mission.

CCDI Consulting offers a variety of D&I training solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization. By integrating IDEA principles with the organizational culture, organizations can unlock the potential of their people and reap the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility

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