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How To Be An Ally To Racialized People


Start advocating for those who need it most. Invite equity-deserving colleagues to exclusive events, dinners, and key meetings. Use your network to introduce them to influential people and foster collaboration by involving them in proposals and projects. Your privilege can open doors for others.


Support your coworkers by amplifying their ideas. When someone shares a great suggestion, give them credit and recognition. Create a code of conduct for inclusive communication in your workplace and provide a platform for equity-deserving voices to speak, write, and lead. Your support can help others shine.


Redirect technical questions to those with the knowledge and advocate for diverse voices as keynote speakers and panellists. If you have a public role, recommend deserving individuals from underrepresented groups. Your influence can spotlight their skills.


Never stop learning. Educate yourself about the experiences of marginalized individuals and groups. Explore various sources, including publications, podcasts, and social media, to gain insights. Once you're well-informed, engage in meaningful discussions with your coworkers. Your commitment to growth fosters understanding.


Stand up for what's right. Address degrading or offensive behaviour and make your stance clear. Prevent off-topic questions in meetings and take action against bullying or harassment within your company. Be a protector, checking in with the target of disrespect privately and offering support. Your actions can set the boundaries for appropriate behaviour.



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