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Including Persons with Disabilities

Instructor-Led Workshop
Foster an inclusive environment for individuals with disabilities.

Including Persons with Disabilities

This workshop shares valuable information to better understand disability in Canada, its impact in the workplace, as well as important strategies to improve inclusion of persons with disabilities in the workplace. Participants will reflect on able-bodied privilege, ableism, inclusive design, and accommodations. 


From employees to managers to senior leaders and executives, and people of all abilities — everyone can contribute to a more inclusive workplace for all. 

Primary Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Use appropriate terminology related to disability and persons with disabilities. 
  • Better understand disability, its prevalence in Canada and its impact on the workplace. 
  • Implement strategies and principles to improve inclusion for persons with disabilities in the workplace. 
  • Recognize instances of ableism and able-bodied privilege around them. 

Agenda & Key Concepts

  • Terminology and Language 
  • Social versus medical approach to disability
  • 10 types of disability in Canada 
  • Neurodiversity and Episodic disabilities
  • Disability in Canada 
  • Workplace barriers
  • Inclusion for persons with disabilities
  • Addressing the Attitudinal Barrier

Take the first step toward a more inclusive workplace. Join us in championing diversity and accessibility.

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