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Managing Microaggressions

Instructor-Led Workshop
Understand and Address Microaggressions in the Workplace

Managing Microaggressions

If left unchecked, disrespectful behaviours can set the path for microaggressions, harassment, and discrimination to thrive. This workshop will provide participants with a deeper understanding of the types of microaggressions, with examples and case study scenarios. Participants will consider how they can respond as the recipient or witness of a microaggression, as well as how to respond if they have been called out as an initiator.


From employees to managers to senior leaders and executives, as well as people of all identities, anyone can benefit from learning more about micro-behaviours and the actions we can take when we come across them.

Primary Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify different types of micro-behaviours. 
  • Apply strategies to respond in difficult situations, as the recipient of disrespectful behaviour, as a manager/people leader, and as the perpetrator. 

Agenda & Key Concepts

  • Microinequities 
  • What are Microaggressions 
  • Impact of Microaggressions 
  • Managing and Addressing Microaggressions 
  • Response options as an observer/bystander and recipient
  • Response options to being called in/out
  • What to do if you’ve made a mistake
  • Micro-Affirmations

Empower yourself to create a more respectful and inclusive environment. Join us and combat microaggressions today.

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