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Moving From Unconscious Bias to Conscious Inclusion

Instructor-Led Workshop
Shift from Unconscious Bias to Intentional Inclusion

Moving From Unconscious Bias to Conscious Inclusion

This workshop gives participants insight into how written and unwritten rules in an organization can negatively impact employees with diverse backgrounds and identities. We will address types of bias, the potential outcome of unconscious bias in the workplace, and provide personal strategies to mitigate the impact of these biases. 


From employees, to managers, to senior leaders and executives, this workshop is accessible to all audience levels. The workshop focuses on leader accountability.

Primary Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify how our own diversity dimensions can contribute to our biases and impact on organizational culture. 
  • Reflect on your organizational culture and recognize how this is impacted by individual behaviours 
  • Feel more confident navigating conversations on difficult topics in the workplace. 

Agenda & Key Concepts

  • Bias and Diversity 
    - Understanding intersectionality and privilege
  • Organizational culture
  • Individual Change 
    - Accountability 
    - Navigating difficult conversations
  • Organizational change and strategies
  • Conversation inhibitors

Empower yourself to foster intentional inclusion. Join us and shift towards conscious leadership today.

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For Teams and Groups

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For Individuals

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