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On-Demand IDEA Program

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Flexible Learning, Your Way

On-Demand IDEA Programs

Experience the freedom of flexible learning with our On-Demand IDEA Program. Our flagship programs are now available in a convenient, on-demand format. All on-demand learning curriculum remains as comprehensive and transformative as ever. It has empowered countless individuals to make a difference in the world of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA).
With on-demand programs, you can access a diverse range of courses, and resources anytime, anywhere, and advance your knowledge on your own schedule.
Here's what you can expect:

On-Demand Learning: Embrace the freedom to immerse yourself in our rich content whenever and wherever it aligns with your schedule. Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, your learning journey is now entirely at your convenience.

Flexible Access: For just $69, you'll enjoy a generous 60-day enrollment period. This means you can revisit modules, explore topics in-depth, and truly master the material at your own pace.

 Advance Your Career: Completing our foundational courses opens the door to our Level 2 workshops and a world of advanced opportunities. With the transition to on-demand learning, you are firmly in control of your professional growth.

Year-Round Availability: No more waiting for enrollment periods. Our program is ready and waiting whenever you're ready to embark on your IDEA journey.

We are excited to announce new courses to enhance your learning journey. And more coming soon!

New Courses Available:

  • IDEA Fundamentals - 100R: $69.00 | Enroll Now

  • Introduction to Unconscious Bias - 101R: $69.00 | Enroll Now

  • Managing Microaggressions - 204R: $69.00 | Enroll Now

  • Respect in the Workplace - 102R: $69.00 | Enroll Now

  • Foundations Certificate - 501R (Includes IDEA Fundamentals, Introduction to Unconscious Bias, Respect in the Workplace): $249.00 | Enroll Now— Ideal for those seeking to begin their IDEA education with a solid foundation.

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